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FireServe provides wireless broadband Internet access, products for wireless ISP's and online backup services.  You can find out more about our products and services below:

FireServe Broadband Internet
FireServe provides wireless and fiber optic broadband Internet access across a large part of southern Oregon and northern California.  We have wireless access available throughout the Klamath Basin and Goose Lake Valleys, including Klamath Falls, Merrill, Malin, Tulelake, Keno, Rocky Point, Chiloquin, Fort Klamath, Lakeview and New Pine Creek.  You can find out more about FireServe Broadband Internet on our Internet access page.

FireServe Online Backup is a high-performance online backup solution for Windows and Linux.  FireBackup transfers only the changed parts of your files, identifies duplicate data and only transfers it once, and allows you to retrieve files from any past backup since you started using your FireBackup account.  FireBackup supports Shadow Copy (on Windows XP and later) to back up files that are in use while also communicating with apps like Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft® Exchange Server® and Microsoft® SQL Server® and many others to ensure data consistency.  Find out more at www.firebackup.com.

News and Updates
Friday, August 11, 2017
Gigabit Fiber available soon in the Klamath Basin
FireServe will be rolling out our new 1000Mbps Gigabit Fiber service directly to homes and businesses in the Klamath Basin at groundbreaking pricing below $100/mo this fall.  We'll soon be announcing which areas in our community will be first to receive our Gigabit Fiber service.

Thursday, June 1, 2017
We now peer with Netflix, Google/YouTube, Amazon
FireServe now peers (connects) directly with Netflix, Google/YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter to help ensure the best possible streaming video and social media experience for our customers.  There is no middle-man, we connect with these networks and content providers directly over fiber!

Monday, Nov 21, 2011
UltraBroadband 100Mbps
It's finally here!  After 2 years of hard work, FireServe has rolled out our new 100Mbps wireless Internet service in the Klamath Basin and Lakeview areas.  Our insanely fast UltraBroadband 100Mbps (or UB100 for short) service starts at just $20/mo with no contract commitments!

Monday, Apr 5, 2010
UltraBroadband 20Mbps
We've launched 20Mbps wireless broadband in the Chiloquin, Fort Klamath and Rocky Point Areas!

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