Merrill Gigabit Fiber Project

Ridiculously fast gigabit fiber Internet is coming to Merrill!  We've been working closely with City of Merrill officials for the last 2 years to build a city-wide Gigabit fiber network to revolutionize Internet communications available to city residents, and make Merrill one of the first cities in Oregon with affordable Gigabit (1000Mbps) fiber available to everyone.  Close cooperation between FireServe, City of Merrill and Klamath County has come together to make this exciting opportunity available to Merrill residents.

You may have seen new communications construction activity in Merrill lately, and you'll soon have several options for Internet access in Merrill.  We hope that you'll entrust your Internet access to a locally owned and operated company that has worked hard to foster a spirit of cooperation with Merrill city officials.  We know that maintaining a good working relationship with our local communities is key to a successful fiber deployment and years of exciting new economic opportunities!

Speeds and Pricing

Service plans available in the Merrill Gigabit Fiber Project:
Plan Name Pricing Max Speed (down/up) Included Usage Overage
Gigabit Fiber $99/mo 1000Mbps Unlimited None
100Mbps Fiber $49/mo 100Mbps Unlimited None
10Mbps Fiber $29/mo 10Mbps Unlimited None

We're offering a $99 installation special if you sign up before or during fiber construction on your street.  In some special-case situations where we have to go through unusual effort to get fiber to your home or business, like long distances that we need to build fiber, situations where we need to install new utility poles to reach you, or need to construct underground facilities, there may be additional costs involved.

How do I sign up?

We'll have coverage of most areas within the Merrill city limits and some areas beyond the city limits by the end of 2019.  We're starting to install fiber customers in Merrill right now though, and we have an installation special of just $99 if you sign up before or during fiber construction on your street.  To ensure you get the special installation pricing, let us know as soon as possible if you want fiber at your home or business.  You can either give us a call at 541-273-4808 to let us know, or Email us at with your contact info and physical location to get on our list.  We'll be building fiber on streets with the highest demand soon, so let your neighbors know too, and we might build fiber on your street sooner than other streets if there is high demand.

Once you're on our list, we'll contact you approximately 30 days before installation to let you know when we'll be able to connect your home or business.

Looking for Internet access in other areas?  Check out our other FireServe Fiber Communities and our Wireless Broadband Internet services available throughout the Klamath Basin, Goose Lake Valley and Rogue Valley area.

News and Updates
Tuesday, August 1, 2023
FireServe Broadband Joins Stimulus Technologies
FireServe has joined forces with Stimulus Technologies to continue advancing Internet availability and new technologies in our area.  Find out more here!

Monday, March 11, 2019
Gigabit Fiber in Bonanza, Merrill and Malin
We're pleased to announce our first two FireServe Fiber Communities are the cities of Merrill and Malin, and town of Bonanza..  We've been working closely with these towns and cities to roll out gigabit fiber (1000Mbps) city-wide at prices below $100/mo, making Merrill and Malin some of the first communities in Oregon with affordable gigabit fiber available to everyone!

Friday, December 29, 2017
Wireless Coverage in the Rogue Valley
FireServe now has wireless broadband Internet coverage available in the Rogue Valley, including Ashland, Central Point, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix and Talent.

Friday, August 11, 2017
Gigabit Fiber available soon in the Klamath Basin
FireServe will be rolling out our new 1000Mbps Gigabit Fiber service directly to homes and businesses in the Klamath Basin at groundbreaking pricing below $100/mo this fall.  We'll soon be announcing which areas in our community will be first to receive our Gigabit Fiber service.

Thursday, June 1, 2017
We now peer with Netflix, Google/YouTube, Amazon
FireServe now peers (connects) directly with Netflix, Google/YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter to help ensure the best possible streaming video and social media experience for our customers.  There is no middle-man, we connect with these networks and content providers directly over fiber!

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